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Why your mindset matters?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Change your story, change your mindset

How many of you have bought new gymwear , new shoes , a membership at a gym , you set a goal and in fact you have never started ?

You are telling yourself « I am too busy », « I don’t have time », « I am on a new project and I have to work until late » , « i am too tired », « my kids, my husband, my wife »

«on Monday I will start a new plan », after New Year ..after summer .. after Christmas…


You have to STOP BLAMING other people or circumstances for your physical condition . You have to stop to play the victim and let other people or circumstances to control your life. You have to take 100% responsability . if you are saying you are going to do something , do it . If you don’t like the way you look in the mirror, it is you and only you who can solve it.

If you don’t make a change to your routine , nothing will happen and you can wait your physical change for years , getting more and more frustrated and still keep contemplating other success stories.

You have to start with small steps rather than make too many changes in a once . A step-by-step process will lead you to success. Start slow , everyone has to start from somewhere

My first changes were small : I started to train twice a week to get more familiar with the weight room and all the machines.

But it could be :

Drink 8 glasses of water per day

Stop sugar

To wake up earlier and start to workout

to do XXX daily steps / or going to walk 30min per day

Jump rope for 5 min

You have to develop your reason , why are you doing this ?

Your WHY should be powerful to do it day after day

For me I wanted to look good and feel more confident after my pregnancoes because when I am confident , I am powerful and when I am powerful I can do what ever I want .

And you, what are your reasons for working out ? Keep asking WHY until you find your compelling reason .

You have to tell you a different story : are you thinking about exercise as boring, hard, painful ? Instead to tell you all those neagatives things, start to think how good you are after your workout , how you improve your sleep , think about how proud you are after your exercises and the sense of accomplishement .

Exercise needs to be in your schedule like your meals , your dates , your make up routine or when you brush your teeth. For me it has become a prioriy to do it .

I workout 4 days per week , i know in advance what to do and when , some days I am feeling unmotivated other super motivated. But I don’t rely anymore on my motivation to keep working out.

It is important to visualize your goal. Everyday I spend time to visualize my goals : to think about what/who I would be .

When I decided to get fit I did things fit people do. I started to lift weight , to eat healthy , to be consitent with my trainnig and my nutrition and to follow a plan .

A fitness mindest sees life as a journey and not like a destination . For me it has become an ongoing lifestyle even if everything has started as a challenge I could win.

Having a positive fitness mindset will change who you are.

Start to do something today

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