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Are you ready to start your fitness journey with CHIARAFITMUM ?

I believe that your training should reflect your goals and your lifestyle. My focus is on consistency continuous improvement. As a result, all my programs are customised to your own unique needs and adapted to gym or home workout.  

(HK$ 10,800 – 12 SESSIONS)

From the comfort of your own home or outdoor, my in-home personal training service is the solution.

This private Personal Training package is specifically tailored to you, depending on your current fitness level, environment and lifestyle.

Your exercise plan will work around any injuries or medical conditions you may have, and whether or not you have your own equipment.


Exercise is just one piece of the puzzle. In addition to your workout routine, I am focused on helping you to learn optimal food choices and lifestyle management strategies to stay on track.

Sign up and receive a FREE GUIDE about nutrition and how eating outside. 

(HK$ 2,400 – PER MONTH)

Workout at your convenience with your own personalised fitness program.

This package combines a customised training program in 3 phases as well as a calories and macronutrients plan based on your own objective: body recomposition, fat loss, building lean muscle.

It also includes 6 phone calls with me (30min) and a full support via WhatsApp, email or text to keep track of your development and help you on every steps of your journey.

This program is suitable for all fitness levels, goals and physical conditions: you can choose the gym or the home training plan.  You can access at your customised plan via an online mobile app that contains instructions, exercise description and workout videos.

I’ll guide you on the four pillars of fitness – training, nutrition, motivation, rest and recovery to get the most of coaching ! 

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Must post on social media (story or posts) twice a month , tag @chiarafitmum, posts can include progress update, meals or testimonials 

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