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Mindful eating while working from home

Just because your normal routine has changed, it doesn't mean you can not continue your healthy eating habits . Working from home can be challenging once it comes to nutrition. It is important to stick to your plan and learn how to be mindful with your eating .

DO NOT SABOTAGE YOUR WELLNESS GOALS Here my tips for a mindful eating from home :

1. SET AN EATING SCHEDULE When you work from home, it is important to create a daily routine. Setting a regular eating schedule will be one of the most important things you can do. Developing a consistent eating schedule will help your appetite and metabolism, including blood sugar, hormones, digestive wellness and sleep. Set up a dedicated time for your main meal, and then plan your snacks, coffee and tea breaks. This way, you will feed your body when it needs, if you stick to it, it will eliminate your unplanned snacking too. 2. DO A BREAK You might be tempted to continue working through your lunch break. But don’t do it! Being distracted during a meal can lead to over-eating and decreased satiety from the meal. Instead, take a break from your work and sit down at a table to enjoy your lunch and rela. You’ll enjoy the meal more and it may even help you feeling more prepared for the rest of your work day. 3. WEIGHT YOUR FOOD Without become obsessed why do not you try to start weighting your food ? It will help you definitely to better understand what and how much you are eating . We often underestimate the quantity of calories we can eat in a day . Enter the food scale, is a tool I often recommend to my clients who want to have successful results. Give it a go!

4.REDUCE YOUR TREATS It can be easy to wander into the kitchen when you know to have lots of treats, so keep temptation away by buying fresh fruits and vegetables, and keeping the candy and junk food out of sight! Replace sweet chocolate with its dark alternative, ice creams with frozen yoghurt, crisps with popcorn or sweets with dried fruits. If you switch to healthy, whole-food alternatives with a lot of protein and nutrients, nibbles can even influence some weight loss.

5. ESTABLISH A MORNING ROUTINE Establish a morning routine that gets your day started on a positive note .

If you haven’t tried “food prep” or “meal prep” , it would be good to give it a try!

This is a proved method for ensuring that you make healthy choices no matter how busy your life /day gets. Start your day by preparing some healthy food options. For example, boil some eggs and store them in the fridge, wash, chop and prepare veggies for easy snacking. You can also pre-cook a large amount of any rice or grain of your choice for easy rice bowl lunches or dinners.

6. KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL Keeping a journal increases awareness of what you are eating and how much you are eating. Write down the specific food consumed and how it is prepared (if baked, boiled, fried, etc.). Include any sauces, condiments, dressings or toppings and list the measures : cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, grams or ounces.

It helps you to understand some of your habits and to be accountable for what you’re eating as well as how it makes you feel, in terms of energy, hunger and fullness.

7. STAY HYDRATED Water, water and water!

Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration may lead to fatigue and headaches, which may compromise your alertness and productivity. It’s easy to forget to drink water. Keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day can help you drink more water. You can also set reminders to drink more water using an app or the alarm on your smartphone or smartwatch.

If you don’t like drinking plain water, what about to drink decaffeinated tea? Both are a great way to get hydration without the sugar or sodium. I hope you found my tips on how to eat healthy when working from home helpful. Don’t be overwhelmed, you can gradually change your habits by taking actions one by one! Let me know in the comments if you have other strategies that help you to practice mindful eating!

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